Display Remarketing at Illuminate Digital

Creepy, but essential, remarketing is all about chasing the customers that may have got away and finding an alternative method to engage with them. Both Google and Bing provide the tools needed to target people who have visited your website before, but didn’t convert first time round. This is often the most successful form of PPC.

We send your customers to pages that convert


If at first you don’t succeed, then try, try again. And that is basically the idea behind planning and creating the perfect remarketing landing page. If someone visited your site before and didn’t convert, it’s unlikely they’ll change their mind and make a purchase or employ your services if you take them back to the same page, with the same information and offer them the same user experience.

Remarketing landing pages are designed to give the customer the extra information they need, so they have little to no reason to leave your site without making a purchase. As part of your remarketing strategy we’ll identify any missing elements and help you plan the perfect landing page that will make that ‘Buy Now’ button look irresistible.

Don’t miss an opportunity to show products to a warmer audience 


One of the biggest errors in remarketing is propositioning customers with images and ads displaying products they’ve already bought. It’s totally pointless, wildly annoying for the customer and is proof that the Dynamic Remarketing strategy has been set up wrong.

We’ll never show product remarketing ads to people that have already bought the item. Our experience of running many campaigns across a variety of sectors means we have uncovered the perfect remarketing settings, so you’re ads remain relevant to your customers and won’t run the risk of annoying them.

Video can re-engage your website visitors


YouTube has over a billion users and is the second biggest search engine in the world. Chances are, at some point past visitors to your site will be watching a YouTube video.

We’ll advise on how you can easily and effectively use great video content to remarket and re-engage with customers using YouTube. The results can be fantastic as a simple visual prompt to remind customers of your brand can be enough to encourage them to revisit your site.

Illuminating Fact: Including the term ‘mobile’ in a mobile ad can increase click through rate by 7%.