Email Marketing


No one enjoys irrelevant emails landing in their inbox. They don’t get opened, go to spam and at worse can cause your audience to unsubscribe from your mailing list.

Discovering the power of targeted email campaigns, segmenting your audience and establishing time-saving automated emails means you’ll be able to sing loud and proud about your products and services to people that want to hear from you. The tried and tested result: higher conversion rates, because your talking to them about relevant content that they want to hear about.

We’ll spend time helping you grow and understand your customer database to find the right time, right day and right message to maximise your conversion rates.

How we can help with email marketing:

·      Database segmentation – placing your audience into groups

·      Email template building – creating an easy-to-edit email template

·      Email marketing automation set up – automatic emails sent to customers to save you time

·      Abandoned basket campaigns – encourage customers to complete orders

·      Abandoned browser campaigns – encourage customers to revisit your site

·      Welcome series email automation – introduce your brand and services to newly registered customers

·      Lapsed purchaser email automation – win back customers that have gone quiet

·      Email marketing strategy – plan your campaigns around trends and times relevant to your brand

Contact us today, free of charge, to discuss your email marketing requirements or PPC and discover how we can help you make the most of this valuable platform.