Email Marketing at Illuminate Digital

Make the most of automation! Save time, tailor your messaging and you’ll see a big impact on revenue from email marketing.


We’ll help you understand your customers


We’ll help you grow and understand your customer database to find the right time, day and message to maximise your conversion rates. Most ecommerce platforms allow for some sort of synchronisation to import order data. This means we can work together to segment and email customers based on previous product behaviour. That way they don’t get bombarded with the wrong type of marketing messages.

We’ll help generate new leads


We can work with paid social channels to increase your email database lists. Facebook lead-generation campaigns are highly effective in acquiring new email addresses from your target customers so you can convert them over time.

We’ll help automate emails to work with your marketing campaigns


Discovering the power of targeted email campaigns, segmenting your audience and establishing time-saving automated emails means you’ll be able to sing loud and proud about your products and services to people that want to hear from you. The tried and tested result: higher conversion rates. We’ll help you with…


  • Email template building 
  • Email marketing automation set up
  • Abandoned basket and browser campaigns 
  • Welcome series email automation
  • Lapsed purchaser email automation

Illuminating Fact: Facebook Ads will help drive email leads as low at 50p with the right targeting and creative