Google Shopping at Illuminate Digital
Google and Bing Shopping reach millions and are the preferred way of buying online. If you’re not selling on them you’re missing out on profitable sales.
We set up your feed so Google and Bing will trigger relevant keywords for your products

A well-organised product feed listing is the first step to making sure your shopping ads convert. Once your catalogue is in order, we’ll create the Merchant Centre Account for you, so all of your data is correctly fed into the shopping channels.

We optimise your product feed

Shopping ads work by crawling the product information on your site. They’ll only give searching customers your products if they’re formatted correctly, in line with SEO (search engine optimisation) best practice. We’ll help you optimise your product titles and metadata set up and descriptions, making them search engine friendly for greater visibility and more sales. This is really important when using Google Smart Shopping because we need to ensure the algorithm has all of the information it needs to work its magic.

We continue tweaking to maximise conversions

Once launched, we won’t let your shopping ads simply sit there. We’ll check and recheck them, tweaking on bids if relevant and re-optimising adverts so they keep turning conversions for your business.

Discover how we can help get more of your products on shopping ad feeds and reach millions more potential customers by contacting us today for a free-of-charge consultation.

Illuminating fact: Since 2016, Shopping campaigns tend to achieve better conversion rates compared to text search ads