Google Analytics at Illuminate Digital
Analytics and data can give you key insights into your business and customers
We track our success and failures, because not everything will work

Attribution is a complicated subject. First click, last click, position based… not even Google has mastered attribution as a subject. We’ll work with you to identify the best attribution model for your business and even define a bespoke one if that works better. Measurement is probably the most important element of what we do because we can’t make any sensible decisions without it.

Tracking is a key to success

You and your staff know your business and industry, but if you’re new to digital, not understanding how to use that expertise to its full effect means you could be wasting valuable skills and talent. Tracking is key to the success of any digital marketing activity and we don’t start any campaigns without it. We’re experts in……

See the effectiveness of your marketing

Choosing the right analytics platform is important. Google Universal Analytics and GA4 is free to use, so this is usually our first port of call. We’ll work with your developers to make sure this is set up as needed to track all digital activity and that all purchase data and revenue is being reported. We’ll also define your business goals and set up goals in Google Analytics to help you track the effectiveness of your online marketing activities.

Reports can be tailored for stakeholders

It is no use having all the data setup if you’re not able to visualise it. We can build sophisticated reports tailored to your key business stakeholders. Google Data Studio is a reporting system and we use the Supermetrics connector to pull in data from multiple sources such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads and build dashboards that can provide you with real-time stats.

Tag management is crucial

We work with MGX Digital, and the amazing tag ninja Margaux, to carry out our tag management work. Together we can manipulate the data layer for advanced retail reporting and implement all PPC tags for…


  • Google Ads conversion tags
  • Bing Ads conversion tags
  • Facebook Pixel and dynamic remarketing tagging
  • Google Ads dynamic remarketing tagging
  • Linkedin Insight tagging
It pays to advance track


We use Sweet Analytics, a paid-for analytics platform, to help to close the gap between online and offline and solve attribution problems. Sweet Analytics is a must for advanced retail reporting as it takes into consideration returns and breaks data down into new and existing customers.

Illuminating Fact: Sweet Analytics will help you see the lifetime value of your PPC traffic, so you don’t turn off keywords that are driving website sales