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Successful advertising is all about understanding your target audience. Get this wrong and your message will fall on deaf ears. Paid search is exactly the same: the better you understand the audience that’s searching for your product, when and why they might be searching for it, then the more successful your paid advertisements will be.

Unlike many agencies, we’ll strive to become knowledgeable and familiar with your industry before targeting keywords. We won’t pluck them out of thin air and hope for the best. We’ll have carefully selected them for a reason: because they’re the terms your customers are engaging with, so will have the best return for you.

All businesses are unique and we want to illuminate your individuality by understanding you, your customers and what they do online. Our paid search solution works across Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines and include the following services:


Search engines, like any other business, are out to make money. One of the easiest ways for them to do this is through paid search advertising. Don’t hand them that money without making them work for you in return.

We provide a thorough audit, evaluating each element of your account, measuring it against your paid search objectives and search engine best practises. We’ll ensure any Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns are well structured and properly managed.


Successful paid search campaigns require planning and we’re here to help you through each step from research, to budgeting, to implementation. When campaign planning, we’ll cover the following:


Identify achievable objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). Our consultants will evaluate the true ROI of your projects taking cost of goods, services and profit margins into account.


With campaign objectives set, we’ll then carry out a thorough analysis of the competitive landscape. Our aim is to help you beat your competitors on key terms by identifying what keywords they’re bidding on and why, then bettering it.


Seasonality and market trends should never be overlooked when considering the budget for your paid search campaign. We’re trained and experienced in using relevant tools to help you identify these profitable peaks so your business doesn’t miss out on taking advantage when the going is good, but also doesn’t needlessly spend when the climate changes.


Formulate the right campaign by getting to know your audience through audience persona work. This final key step will give us a clear insight when it comes to picking which search engines to advertise on and which keywords to select.


Knowing which keywords to go after can make the difference between getting a sale, or missing out on one. We choose the most relevant keywords for your business, test and fine tune them so that they’re maximised for conversion. While it may be tempting to go after highly searched terms to try and pull in a large chunk of traffic, generic search terms may just be people browsing rather than spending. Let us identify keywords that have more buying intent, so you get the sales your business deserves.


Capture your audience’s attention by delivering creative adverts that they simply can’t resist clicking on. We’ll help to highlight the unique selling points of your business or product and effectively communicate this to potential customers, adding in the relevant calls to action for desktop or mobile devices.

Illuminating Fact: Including the term ‘mobile’ in a mobile ad can increase click through rate by 7%.


Making sure paid advertising campaigns are maintained is the difference between making and losing money. We won’t abandon a campaign once it’s been established. We’ll continue to optimise your paid adverts by monitoring their performance, finely tuning them by testing new advertising options, pausing keywords if they’re no longer on-trend and illuminating new paid advertising ideas based on returned campaign data.

PPC comprises of many different areas including paid search, paid social media, remarketing, Google Shopping and Bing Shopping. This can be especially helpful to all businesses especially in retail and the charity section. Contact us to find out how we could help your business.

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