Paid Search at Illuminate Digital
We illuminate your business by understanding you, your customers and what they do online. Our paid search solution works across Google, Bing and Yahoo.
We fine tune your keywords to maximise conversions

Knowing the best keywords to go after can make the difference between getting a sale or missing out. We choose the most relevant keywords for your business, then test and fine tune them so they’re maximised for conversion. While it might be tempting to go after highly searched terms to try and pull in a large chunk of traffic, generic search terms may just be people browsing rather than spending. We’ll help you identify the keywords that have more buying intent, so you get the sales your business deserves.

We capture your
audience’s attention

Successful paid search campaigns require planning and we’re here to help you through every step, from research to budgeting to implementation. When campaign planning, we identify…


  • Achievable objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Your competitors and what they’re bidding on
  • How best to communicate with your audience
We ensure you’re always there for your existing audience

Bidding on generic search terms can be expensive. If a customer is putting no more than ‘LCD TV’ into Google, then they’re probably only at the research stage of their purchasing process and have little buying intent. Unfortunately, you’ve still footed the bill to advertise on a high-priced search term.

To avoid chewing through your marketing budget but remain competitive on broader popular searches, we devise a Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) strategy for you. We identify searchers that qualify as high-value prospects and only bid higher on broader keywords, or show them alternative remarketing ads if they’ve shown interest in your brand before.

When done successfully, RLSA will push former site visitors over the conversion line by re-engaging with them at a time when they’re ready to purchase. Existing customers are usually four times more likely to complete a purchase.

We fine tune and optimise every campaign

Making sure paid advertising campaigns are maintained is the difference between making and losing money. We’ll continue to optimise your paid adverts by monitoring their performance, fine tuning them by testing new advertising options, pausing keywords if they’re no longer on-trend and illuminating new paid advertising ideas based on returned campaign data.

Illuminate Digital was the most professional, knowledgeable and friendly agency I have worked with in my career. Based on our brief, Josephine and her team developed an effective B2B PPC campaign strategy driving relevant traffic and leads to our landing pages. They always had our interest at heart, pointing out underperforming campaigns and opportunities to save budget. Working with Illuminate felt like we had a switched-on, proactive consultant partner by our side that was not only professional but also a pure joy to work with.


Marius Thies,
Senior Brand Marketing Manager, Clippings Ltd