Paid Social Media

If your brand isn’t on at least one social media platform, then you don’t exist. If you’re there, but struggling to engage with people that would actually love what you do, then it’s time to invest in paid social media.

We identify your audience


We believe that the art of successfully advertising on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, is to identify your core target audience. Let us help you wade through the amazing and highly sophisticated data available on each social media platform. Together we’ll identify the habits, likes and hates of your key demographic so you can successfully find them and talk to them about your products or services.

Whichever social channel your brand uses, we know the platform inside out.


Discover what they’re capable of and who you can reach. Our paid social media services (PPC) include the following:


  • Audience profiling – defining your audience
  • Audience building – growing your social following
  • Social media remarketing – engaging with those that have visited your site
  • Bid optimisation – promoting ads with the biggest impact
  • Conversion tracking – monitoring sales through social
  • Social media advert content creation

Illuminating Fact: Including the term ‘mobile’ in a mobile ad can increase click through rate by 7%.