Paid Social Media
If you’re not on at least one social media platform, then you don’t exist. If you’re there, but struggling to engage people, then it’s time to invest in paid social media.
We home in on your audience

The art of successful advertising on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter is identifying your core target audience. We can help you wade through the amazing and highly sophisticated data available on each social media platform. Together we’ll identify the habits and likes of your key demographic so you can successfully find them and talk to them about your products or services.

We know all the social platforms inside out

Once we’ve defined your audience we’ll identify the best channels to reach them. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest and Twitter all have different demographics and we’ll help you choose the right mix for your products and services. All channels offer remarketing so it’s important to remind existing customers and website visitors of your brand while they’re browsing their favourite platforms in a relaxed mindset.

We ensure conversions are correctly attributed

We don’t get started until all campaign tracking is in place. Social media platforms tend to report that every sale you’ve ever had is because of one of their ads, so we’ll help to explain how paid social media attribution works. We won’t start any campaigns until they’re fully trackable in Google Analytics so we can understand how they sit on conversion paths. Paid social is usually a good channel to assist conversion over time, so it’s important we can see that.

You have full branding control

We have a campaign planning briefing matrix for our paid social clients. We advise on your campaign’s objectives and the types of creative needed and you send ad copy, image and video assets over to us for building. We’ve found this works really well and ensures you have full control over your branding and copy used across paid social channels. Once approved, we’ll build and optimise campaigns and discuss the results on our regular catch-up calls.

“Working with Illuminate has been instrumental in elevating Jo Loves online presence and driving meaningful results. Their strategic approach to paid search advertising has led to noticeable improvements in our website traffic and conversion rates. The team’s dedication and results-oriented approach make them a valuable asset for any brand looking to enhance their digital presence.

I highly recommend Illuminate to any brand seeking to enhance their digital marketing efforts and achieve measurable growth.”

Teresa Ktistaki
Head of Ecommerce, Jo Loves