Taking memorabilia international


we began


This football memorabilia company wanted us to drive new customers and direct revenue from PPC channels internationally.



  • Google & Bing Search
  • Google & Bing Shopping
  • Facebook / Instagram Ads
  • Email Automation
Chelsea FC Football PPC
Paid Social Services
What we did


We performed keyword research and set up extensive search campaigns for each territory – UK, Europe, Middle East. It was important to cater for each territory in separate campaigns using different keywords and ad copy as the USPs for each territory are very different.

We set up separate campaigns on Google from people who had previously visited the website before to ensure an existing website visitor would never not see an Icons ad when searching for spotting memorabilia. This is because splitting them out allows us to allocate budget more efficiently than if they were not split into separate campaigns. 

We implemented Mailchimp automation strategies with the client to help increase revenue from existing customers by driving sales on the anniversary of previous purchases and sending promo codes to lapsed customers who hadn’t made a purchase in so many months, 

We ran highly successful lead-generation Facebook campaigns aimed at growing the email marketing database. These were refreshed monthly and always achieved a very low cost per lead. In turn these email addresses were entered into the database and filtered into the email marketing funnel to drive conversions. They also form part of our remarketing list, where product specific adverts (products they have actually looked at on the website) are shown to customers while they browse social media or the wider web.

How it helped

Overall PPC ROAS improvement of 4.3

2.6 x increase in PPC traffic year-on-year

Client retention – 6 years and still in contract (with illuminate), but 9 years in total with Josephine