Turning up the scent for Jo Loves by Jo Malone (CBE)

Jo Loves

we began


Jo Loves was created by Jo Malone (CBE), selling products online and via a physical store in Belgravia. Jo Loves was having issues tracking performance in both GA4 and Google Ads. Illuminate Digital was asked to audit the Google Ads account and provide insights on how to drive an increased return on ad spend (ROAS).




  • Google Search
  • Google Shopping
Jo Loves PPC by Jo Malone CBE
Jo Loves Paid Search
What we did


With the help of our Data Analytics team, were able to identify a GEO issue with tracking that was limiting the data retrieved within GA4. After rectifying this error, we could start to see the value of all channels in GA4 and make better decisions based on accurate and valid data.

We restructured the Google Ads account separating Brand and Non Brand, making it possible to asses ROAS differences to refine strategy. We worked with Jo Loves to re-structure the product titles submitted to the Google Merchant Centre, helping Google trigger Jo Loves for the most relevant terms. A new Performance Max campaign strategy with improved structure, targeting and assets drove a higher ROAS.

How it helped


Increase in search CTR


Increase in topline impressions


Topline increase in conversions