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Aspiga is a leading ethical and sustainable contemporary clothing company creating wearable and timeless collections for both women and men. We were asked to improve performance from Paid Search and Paid Social media channels to help Aspiga achieve their growth aspirations.


  • Google & Bing Search
  • Google & Bing Shopping
  • Facebook / Instagram Ads
  • Pinterest Ads
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What we did


PPC and Paid Social had been part of their existing strategy, but to achieve the significant year-on-year growth targets a more in-depth strategy for Paid Media was required. 

Due to the core demographic for Aspiga, we introduced Bing Search and Bing Shopping into the paid media mix, which immediately improved website traffic and revenue. 

We optimised the Shopify products feeds for Google merchant centre, Bing merchant centre and Facebook product catalogue. We worked on products’ titles, ensuring that key elements such as material and colour were included to improve search viability in Shopping and improved image quality for Facebook feeds, ensuring that their dynamic remarketing was showcasing products in the best light.

We developed a client-specific creative and audience-testing matrix for Facebook and Instagram based on Experian research into customer profiles and carried out extensive A/B testing. Working through a phased approach on social media, we’ve delivered increased engagement, leads for email marketing and improved conversion rates on Paid Social channels. 

With the help of Sweet Analytics, we’ve worked on attribution modelling to demonstrate the value of Paid Media for the website. It‘s with this enhanced modelling that we’re able to make informed decisions on where Aspiga should spend more money and deliver higher revenue targets. 

We’ve also used Pinterest promoted pins to deliver a return on investment from new and existing users.

How it helped


Increase in conversion value year-on-year

Increase in PPC ROAS year-on-year

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