Sculpting some competitive edge


we began


We were tasked with increasing PPC activity and revenue for the online shop. The School of Life has a very niche set of products and they sell on Amazon, which means it’s a challenge to compete with other sellers who can easily undercut.



  • Google & Bing Search
  • Google & Bing Shopping
  • Google Analytics
  • Amazon PPC
  • Facebook / Instagram Ads
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What we did


TSOL’s retail account was structured with Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) only. While this was a great way of driving traffic it wasn’t the most efficient use of budget. We audited the account to harvest the data for search terms that had converted over the lifetime of the account so we could rebuild the search campaigns. 

We then restructured Google Shopping using an advanced technique called sculpting to control the unbranded terms triggering for our niche set of products. This was supported by a dynamic remarketing campaign on Google and Facebook to pull users back in who hadn’t converted, but had browsed products on the website. 

We also supported Q4 activity with Amazon PPC to boost sales to the official TSOL Amazon shop.

We have also provided Google Analytics services to consolidate their multiple territories and departments into a single view. 

How it helped

Increase in conversion value year-on-year


Increase in new users year-on-year


Increase in PPC conversion rate year-on-year