Taking vintage across the nation


we began


This vintage clothing company was unhappy with their agency and approached us to help increase the return on investment from unbranded activity.


  • Google & Bing Search
  • Google & Bing Shopping
  • Facebook / Instagram Ads
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What we did


Rokit has physical stores and a strong brand presence in London. We wanted to grow awareness across the UK and rebuild the unbranded activity to increase traffic to the website and new customer sales.

We restructured the entire account focusing on a mix of brand and unbranded campaigns. This was an extensive build in both search and shopping, ensuring that all categories across the website were covered for anyone looking for relevant terms. We replicated this activity on Bing ads – a new channel for Rokit.  We used a mix of audience targeting to split down campaigns and ensure it pushed towards those most likely to convert into customers and followed this up with Facebook dynamic remarketing to ensure we were bringing people back to the website to purchase products if they had visited the website previously. 

We also improved the searchability of the Google product feed.

How it helped

Increase in conversion value year-on-year

Increase in PPC traffic year-on-year

Increase in new users year-on-year