Raising the profile of luxury leather


we began


Noble Macmillan sell a range of personalised luxury leather goods. They were unhappy with their agency and wanted to improve results from PPC. They had a very minimal campaign set up and these were not returning a positive return on investment. Our brief was to attract new customers and generate sales.




  • Google & Bing Search
  • Google & Bing Shopping
  • Facebook / Instagram Ads
Aspiga Layered
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What we did



We restructured the entire account, focusing on a mix of brand and unbranded campaigns. This was an extensive build in both search and shopping to ensure all categories across the website were covered for anyone looking for relevant terms. 

We used a mix of audience targeting to split down campaigns and ensure the budget was used on audiences most likely to convert into customers. We followed this up with Facebook dynamic remarketing to ensure we were bringing people back to the website to purchase products. We also used Smart bidding to maximise return on investment.

We improved the searchability of the Google product feed and used a phased approach on Facebook Ads to drive awareness through to conversion.


How it helped

Increase in PPC revenue year-on-year


Increase in PPC traffic year-on-year

Client retention – 2 years and still in contract