The show must go on


we began

Improve performance from the Google Grant account and visibility online to help increase ticket sales and drive traffic to the wider content on the Globe’s website (school education, courses and teaching materials). During the pandemic we also wanted to drive additional traffic to the Globe Player (paid for subscription service) and the podcast to help keep people engaged with the Globe while the doors were closed.




  • Google Search
Globe Theatre Royalty Free
Globe Theatre Royalty Free
What we did

Due to the irrelevance of the previous setup, we rebuilt the Google Grant account from scratch, focusing on selecting campaigns that would drive conversions for the main objectives. We provided fresh keyword research, ad copy creation and landing page optimisation to help achieve the KPIs. 

We designed seasonal campaigns and ad copy is tailored across the Grant account to reflect the current season’s messaging. Over time we’ve moved some core keywords into a Google paid account to maximise the return from ticket sales.

How it helped


Increase in Google Grant revenue year-on-year


Increase in Google Grant traffic year-on-year

Client retention – 6 years and still in contract