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Our MD Jo has worked with Harmony for 8 years now, helping them with multiple aspects of growing online sales.




  • Google Search
  • Google Shopping
  • Bing Search
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What we did


We developed a new website together that went live in November 2020. Now we’re looking to significantly increase the number of people visiting the website through Paid Search and Shopping on Google and Bing. This is a highly competitive sector and there are a couple of large players who make it quite difficult. The ultimate goal of this account is to deliver sales with a positive ROAS.

We’ve built extensive search campaigns covering their diverse product range. Unable to use anything audience related in the adult sector, we look at defining intent by the search terms and delivering budget towards the keywords that are most likely to convert. We utilise some Google bidding strategies and a mixture of Smart and manual shopping campaigns to deliver best results.  

Remarketing is not an option in the adult sector, so we look to capture email addresses and work with email automation to bring people back into purchase from PPC clicks.


How it helped


Increase in PPC orders year-on-year


Increase in PPC revenue year-on-year

Client retention – 6 years and still in contract