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Improve online visibility and protect sales of this jewellery’s own brand due to other retailers, such as John Lewis, selling the brand through their online channels. With no visibility online for Matthew Calvin, the brand website was not capitalising on sales from branded traffic. They also wanted to boost sales using Facebook and Instagram Ads as this is a very relevant product for social media channels.


  • Google Search
  • Google Shopping
  • Facebook / Instagram Ads
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What we did


We had to build this one from the ground up and set up products feeds in both Google and Facebook. We also created conversions in Google Ads and Facebook Pixel to ensure that revenue and the return on investment could be calculated. 

We set up Google Shopping Sculpted campaigns so that their budget was pushed towards search terms that indicated a higher purchase intent and improved the searchability of the Google product feed. 

We  introduced Facebook dynamic remarketing to ensure we were bringing people back to the website to purchase products if they had visited the website previously and Facebook lead generation campaigns designed to increase the newsletter database. 

How it helped


Increase in conversion value year-on-year


Increase in PPC traffic year-on-year

Client retention – 2 years and still in contract